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Golf Instruction

Heal My Swing Golf Instruction of Mobile Alabama has been created to help golfers improve their game.  Founder, Brandon Mauch, PGA Class A Golf Professional, believes that whatever is your golfing illness it can be remedied.

Heal My Swing Golf Instruction is located at Magnolia Grove Golf Course Mobile, AL. Magnolia Grove Golf Club is one of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in the great state of Alabama.

Brandon’s Teaching Approach:


Muscles Used in a Golf Swing Golf Instruction

Golf swings are like signatures, they are original and sometimes abstract, sometimes sloppy, and sometimes beautiful, yet each convey a particular motion conductive to the subjects natural ability.  This ability, although somewhat pre-destined, is also subjective to change, thus resulting in improvement in one’s game.  Therefore, golf should be condensed to practical applications of one’s overall ability.  In no respective order:  speed, flexibility, agility, power, balance, rhythm, and focus all designate particular attributes to the manner in which the ball is struck, and thus accordingly should be assessed for the individual in that regard.  Once all attributes are accounted for, and taking into account the individuals capacity for time spent, a lesson plan should be applied to consistently benefit the understanding and improvement of the individual.  Hence improvement becomes cause and effect.  If the student is prescribed helpful material that he can absorb, a trustful bond can be made.  This bond is only trustful if results manifests through the teachers approach.  Once belief is conveyed, improvement can be made, and all are fulfilled.

~Brandon Mauch PGA Teaching Professional

At Heal My Swing Golf Academy Robert Trent Magnolia Grove Golf Course it is our mission to provide competitive junior golf programs for junior golfers. Creating a competitive atmosphere allows the support and coaching they need to improve their scores and grow as individuals. Our coaches instruct our junior golfers through fun, positive, and interactive methods of Golf Instruction. To maintain a competitive team atmosphere, we limit group sizes and place players of similar age and skill level together during sessions.

HMS truly provides a one-of-a-kind junior golf coaching experience that allows your child to have fun while they learn the game of golf and advance as players.  We offer instruction tailored to each junior golfer whether they are just beginning or if they have PGA Tour aspirations.  Our academy is located at RTJ Magnolia Grove to serve your junior golfer a well rounded golfing experience in the Greater Mobile Area near the Gulf Coast. 

 please Call Brandon Mauch, Director of Instruction at (937) 272-5141 for more information.

Our goal at Heal My Golf Swing (HMS) is to help our golf students recognize what they can and cannot do based on specific body physique. Heal My Golf Swing focuses on evaluating your physical body make up to better determine why you do what you. In our golf lessons HMS strives to understand how your bodies moves which enables Heal My Golf Swing instructors to design a golf swing that fits you in order to enhance your individual golf game. This is why at Heal My Golf Swing we do not offer a one size fits all method. Each golf instructional plan or golf lesson is tailored to an individual’s golf swing characteristics.  In order to do this, we bring the best in training methods, tools and technology into golf lessons. At HMS we are constantly seeking new golf swing information, tools and methods in order to provide our golfers with top notch golf instructional service.