Wounded Warriors Golf Foundation a 501-c (3) non-profit to provide a welcoming, healing, supportive environment to honor the wounded warriors who have faced amputations as they return to civilian life from service. The Wounded Warriors Golf Foundation seeks to engage wounded warriors through the game of golf to regenerate the mind, body and soul and to encourage and to facilitate economic empowerment.

Description of Foundation:  The Wounded Warriors Golf Foundation which encompasses a Golf Training Facility and a Golf Course for the Wounded Warriors of the United States of America.  Empirical research has shown that there is over 50,000 wounded warriors and thousands have a prosthetic due to an amputation
received during combat action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Engaging these wounded warrior heroes through the mission of Wounded Warriors Golf Foundation that creates employment opportunities, promotes self-confidence and provides a sense of belonging and independence to these fallen heroes. 
The Wounded Warrior Golf Foundation has several major goals to accomplish per participant while attending the training facility and participating in the programs offered.   During the wounded warriors stay he/she will be on a strict curriculum that will lead to a career path at the end of their experience of the Wounded Warrior program.  The main objective is to place the graduates of the Wounded Warrior programs in jobs when they return home.  During the wounded warrior’s stay the Wounded Warrior programs will provide the experiences to place the wounded warrior as a coach for a local school, after school instructor, an instructor at a local course, or any golf course position which can include pro shop operation, maintenance, agronomy, clerical, culinary, and event marketing. The wounded warriors will live at the Wounded Warrior Training facility 7 days a week for four months of intensive training.  

A seven-step platform has been developed for each Wounded Warrior
1.     Analyze and determine the individual career paths and goals that are desired.
2.     Develop and Design a personalized training program and time line for completion
3.     Implement the training program
4.     Collaborate with the wounded warriors local affiliates to land a job on his/her return
5.     Graduate from training program
6.     Wounded Warrior returns home and begins working a new career
7.     Follow up with individuals to ensure success